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The Box Connection - Products

At The Box Connection, we carry many different types of products to fit your needs. From boxes, to greeting cards, The Box Connection is your packaging and shipping resource in the valley! If you would like to learn more about our products, simply click a button below to go to the specified page.


Boxes - The Box ConnectionAt The Box Connection, we continue to maintain Quality, Service, Integrity and Trust, our business cornerstones, every day. We have any box that you may need to ship something. There are many different sizes and types of boxes available, and we will find the right fit for you! Below you will find just some of the boxes that we have available at The Box Connection.

  • Ballot Boxes
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Moving Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Specialty Boxes
  • Bankers Boxes
  • Cake Boxes

Shipping Tubes

The Box Connection - Shipping Tubes

There are many different types and sizes of shipping tubes. The Box Connection has the means to ship anything you need, and has the shipping tubes in stock to get your package on its way. Here is a list of some shipping tubes we have in stock at The Box Connection.

  • 1.5" x 10"
  • 3" x 18"
  • 3" x 25"
  • 3" x 37"
  Commercial Grade
  • 4" x 48"
  • .25" Wall


The Box Connection - Materials

The Box Connection will ship your packages Safely, Securely, On Time - First Time, Every Time! We have the materials to ensure your package is safe. Below is a short list of the materials we have at The Box Connection.

  • Shipping Peanuts
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Newsprint
  • Packing Tape
  • Shipping Twine

Desiccant Packs

Desiccant Packs - The Box ConnectionA desiccant is a substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness in its local vicinity in a moderately well-sealed container. Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids which work through absorption or adsorption of water, or a combination of the two.

One manufacturing example of desiccant usage would be in the manufacturing of insulated windows where it is mixed with the edge spacer between the panes of glass. This helps to prevent the accumulation of moisture condensation between the panes. However, the most common use of desiccants are in packaged foods.

We here at The Box Connection have these desiccant packs in stock, and available for any and all of your shipping needs.

Specialty Items

The Box Connection is not just a shipping store. We have other specialty items for sale as well. Feel free to stop in to see what we have available any time you would like. Here are some examples of things we carry in our store.

  • Swan Creek Candles
  • Metal Decorative Signs
  • Leanin' Tree Cards & Bags


Ice-Brix - The Box ConnectionPolar Tech Ice Brix leakproof viscous gel refrigerant poly pack. Ice-Brix is a specially formulated leakproof, long lasting, viscous gel refrigerant that is made with non-toxic ingredients included in the FDA (GRAS) provision. Generally regarded as a safe substitute.

They are sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch and keeps perishable products at a constant and desirable temperature. Ice-Brix was rated "Best in all aspects". Ice-Brix is the ultimate in refrigerant cold packs. Their unique features includes long lasting cold, efficient transfer of energy, leakproof, reusable, economical. Standard leakproof style.