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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - The Box ConnectionBelow are some questions that we get asked on a regular basis. If you do not see the question below that you are looking for, you may submit a question to us through E-mail by clicking here. If you are in need of a more immediate answer please feel free to call us at (330)-372-6444.

Q. Is the Box Connection locally owned?

A. Yes, The Box Connection is locally owned and operated with owners on site.

Q. Does the Box Connection offer packing and shipping services.

A. Yes, The Box Connection is a full service, value added, pack and ship business.

Q. Does the Box Connection offer both UPS and FedEx shipping services.

A. Yes, The Box Connection is an Authorized Shipping Center for both UPS and FedEx.

Q. How does The Box Connection compare to other businesses offering shipping services.

A. The Box Connection is not just a drop and run store. With over 30 years of experience, knowledge, and pack and ship expertise, we handle the most complex packing and shipping projects from expensive artwork to fine china. A very large percentage of our packing and shipping projects involve precious family heir looms and require a great deal of skill and packing knowledge. Packing and shipping are our business and we have the skill, knowledge and experience to get the job done right. First time every time!

Q. What makes The Box Connection so different.

A. First and foremost you are working with the owner of the business. Secondly we stand behind what we do. We have a stellar reputation with a triple A rating. We have a direct line to carriers and take a proactive role in resolving any issue that may arise. No 800 calls and no endless bank of voicemail messages. We take a great deal of pride in providing United States based customer service. That’s value added service. From initial order to delivery we got your back.

Q. Do you charge for packing.

A. Yes, We do charge for handling, which is directly related to the time spent in preparing your package for shipment. Larger packages require more time obviously, and as a result, handling charges are project based and adjusted accordingly. You can compare The Box Connection to taking your car for service. There is usually a charge for service and for parts if parts are required. If parts are not required you pay for just the service.

Q. Why would I bring my items to The Box Connection to be shipped.

A. If you require heart surgery you go to a doctor that performs heart surgery every day. Our business is packing and shipping we do this every day and have for over 30 years. We have the knowledge, skill and materials to meet your packing and shipping requirements. No if about it!

Q. Do you accept prepaid UPS and FedEx packages that are already boxed.

A. Yes. Providing they are packed well and meet UPS and FedEx shipping requirements.

Q. Do you provide shipping boxes.

A. The Box Connection has a large assortment of shipping boxes in various sizes. If we don’t have the size for your project we get it or build it and all boxes are made in the USA.

Q. Is there a charge for prepaid UPS and FedEx packages?

A. No, There is no charge for prepaid UPS and FedEx packages. However, if additional material, packing and labor is required charges will apply.

Q. Can The Box Connection ship freight.

A. Yes, although it depends on the size and nature of the items. Each shipment must be reviewed individually on a case by case basis before a shipping decision can be made.

Q. Does the Box Connection accept scrap Styrofoam.

A. Yes, The Box Connection is the only styro foam recycle facilities in the Warren area. The styro foam, in various shapes and sizes, is used in meeting the packing requirements of our customers and there is no charge for that type of material. This is just an example of two of the many value added services that we provide.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. Yes, We offer commercial package discount rates, Ebay discounts, military discounts for active service members and military retirees, AAA and AARP. Discounts vary depending on which program would apply to your specific situation. On occasion the store will run specific in store promotions that lead to significant savings. All discounts are subject to verification. Only one discount method can be used per order. We encourage customers to visit the store in person to learn more about our discount policy.

Q. Can I receive a quote on line?

A. No, Since shipping rates are dependent upon a number of variables such as weight, size of container, destination, time in transit, item values and packing requirements, quotations and/or ballpark estimates will not be provided on the website or by telephone. We encourage customers to visit the store and bring their items to be shipped.